RPHIA to start collecting household data on HIV

Health Richard Mugarura 2018-10-11 14:06:02 84 0

RPHIA will start collecting household data on October 12, 2018 in the Northern Province. The survey is anticipated to last through February 2019.

Over the course of five months, trained survey personnel will visit approximately 10800 randomly selected households and collect demographic, clinical, and behavioural information from consenting participants. Staff will also perform HIV and hepatitis B and C testing. All participants will receive counselling as part of RPHIA.

Meanwhile, results from HIV and hepatitis B virus tests will be returned to participants on the same day. RPHIA will also provide viral load testing for those who test HIV positive.

Participants who test positive for HIV and those selected for hepatitis B and C testing will be referred to health facilities of their choice for further follow up to receive further counseling and HIV treatment as well as the vaccine or treatment for hepatitis B. They will also receive hepatitis C test results.

RPHIA will help health authorities and policymakers better understand the impact of HIV on everyone in the population, not only people living with HIV but also their family, friends and the community at large.

"RPHIA survey personnel have been extensively trained and are ready to implement a successful survey." says David Hoos, managing director, ICAP at Columbia University. 
Rwanda has intensified HIV testing and treatment strategies and prioritised evidence-based interventions with the goal of achieving epidemic control by 2020.


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