Rwandans to achieve universal access to clean water by 2024.

Technology Richard Mugarura 2018-10-28 12:01:16 62 0

On October 25, 2018  Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente appeared before the Chamber of Senators to explain the strategies of the Government of Rwanda to achieve universal access to clean water by 2024.

According to the Premier, some of the key challenges that still prevent Rwandans from accessing clean water include: insufficiency of clean water on the national level, unplanned housing especially in rural areas, climate change, number of water sources that are decreasing because of erosion, pollution of water sources especially in wetlands, limited data on access to water and poor rain water harvest and management.

Before explaining how Government will overcome the above challenges, the Prime Minister shared with Senators a list of some important water projects that were recently realized and those in pipeline in order to increase the quantity of clean water and distribute it in different parts of the country.

Talking about the strategies, Dr. Edouard Ngirente explained in details, short and long-term sustainable solutions to current challenges to clean water. Senators were satisfied by explanations given by the Prime Minister.

Some of the projects include extension of different water treatment plants like; Nzove II which provides m3 25,000 m3 40,000 a day, Nzove I which has the capacity to treat m3 40,000 a day and also plans are underway for this increase its water treatment capacity to m3 65,000 a day. There has also been construction other new water treatment plants to support easy access to clean water like Nyanza (Mpanga), Rwamagana (Muhazi) and Nyagatare (Mirama) whereby they  have capacity to treat  m3 10,500  a day.

Nkombo water treatment plant located in Rusizi has capacity to treat m3 720 and others are working and continue to provide clean water to residents in their specific locations.

So far, many water treatment plants have been established in Rwanda during the past 25 years while construction and extension of more other projects continues. By 2024 Rwanda government has targeted to complete the achievement of universal access to clean water by all Rwandans.



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