MINALOC launches process of gathering and collecting citizens priorities in districts

Technology Richard mugarura 2018-11-15 14:47:39 63 0

The process of gathering and collecting citizens’ priorities in Districts Local Governments for national planning considerations kicked off today across the country during the citizens’ community assemblies. At the national level, the function was carried out at Bukure Sector/Rwesero Cell in Gicumbi District.

This exercise is being done jointly led by the Ministry of Local Government and other key stakeholders are the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Local Administrative Entities Development Agency and the Districts’ administration to set 2019-2020 priorities for planning cycle focusing on grassroot level.

This comes as another milestone to make local communities participate and own their transformation journey as stipulated in NST1.

The Minister of Local Government Prof Shyaka Anastase who officiated the exercise besides different officials said the government of Rwanda will always engage citizens in every plan so as to ensure partnership, ownership and sustainability.

“As the government of Rwanda, we will always engage you in every plan and programme. The engagement of the citizens ensures sustainability, affordability and ownership. Your part must not be limited to participate in planning process but also be extended to implementation and evaluation of the planned activities.” Minister Shyaka told the residents.

During this session, the District officials provided feedback report on 2018/2019 citizen priorities; explanations were given to the citizens on how 7/16 priorities raised were considered in the on-going actions being implemented and 9/16 maintained for future or oriented to be done through home grown solutions like umuganda and community approaches.

The collected priorities will be considered by upper entities up to national level for analysis, considerations and budgeting before they are incorporated into the fiscal year 2019-2020 planning. The exercise for gathering and collecting citizen priorities for the Fiscal year 2019-20 will continue till end of November 2018.

Prior to the official launch of participatory planning, the Minister of Local Government Prof Shyaka Anastase had a meeting with the local leaders of Gicumbi District from Cell to District level, where he recommended them to embrace the attitude of self-confidence; teamwork; excellence and precision of operations; integrity and make Gicumbi a hub for solutions using opportunities present of bordering a capital city and having an international road that passes through Gicumbi District connecting the Northern corridor.


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