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Livestock farmers in Kayonza District have been warned over inappropriate use of their farms. They have also been urged to comply with legal provisions regulating the use and management of pastureland in Eastern Province otherwise they lose their property titles. 
The farmers got the warning message on December 20, 2018 during a meeting that brought together livestock farmers, Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, the Eastern Province Governor, and local officials of Kayonza District. 
A recent inspection carried out by a commission has revealed that some farmers have never put to good use their farms. 
Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana, told the farmers to use properly the available scarce land in a bid to improving their earnings and contribute to the country’s development. 
Those who don’t comply with the legal provisions regulating the use and management of farmland have been given the deadline until the end of January 2019, otherwise they lose their properties. 
Over the recent past, the government has provided livestock farmers in some districts of the Eastern Province with valley dams to ensure that cattle in that area get enough water supply during dry seasons. 
There are 13 dams – including six in Kayonza, six in Nyagatare and one in Gatsibo Districts – that were constructed in 2016 by the government. 
Part of eastern province, mainly Nyagatare, Gatsibo and Kayonza Districts, is considered as one of Rwanda’s main milk sheds with great potential.


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