Rwanda tea price exceeds Kenya's at recent auction

Agriculture richard mugarura 2019-01-16 08:34:57 41 0

Rwandan tea’s price exceeded that of Kenya at Mombasa auction last year due to high quality resulting from Rwanda’s best agronomical practices.


Figures by Kenya’s Tea Directorate indicate that a kilogram of Rwanda tea was sold on Ksh287 (over Rwf2,500) on average while Kenya’s tea was sold Ksh262 (Rwf2,300) last year according to Business Daily.

However, it was reported, the price for Rwandan tea reduced compared to previous year down from Sh323 with Kenya’s tea also declining from Sh300.

According to brokers, Rwanda produces the best tea in the region which attracts good prices on market.

One of the tea brokers said: “Rwandan tea normally fetches good price at the auction because of good quality that results from best agronomical practices that they have invested in.”

“To Rwanda, quality is regarded as more important than quantities they bring at auctions,” he added.

Currently, seven countries sell their tea through the weekly Mombasa auction with aim to sell it on the international market. The auction is held under management of East African Tea Trade Association.

Rwanda tea growing and production dates back in 1961. It is currently grown on 26,897 ha area in 12 districts. Last year statistics indicate that 42,840 farmers were involved in tea production in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s tea production increased from 14,500 tons in 2000 up to 27,824 tons in 2017/2018 fiscal year.

Data from the National Agricultural Exports Development Board (NAEB) indicates that Rwanda exported 25,128 tons which yielded $74,5 million in 2016/17 which increased up to 27,824 tons fetching $88 million in 2017-2018 fiscal year.

As of 2018, there were 16 tea processing factories with 60% women involved.

In May last year, Rwanda tea scooped 11 of 12 awards given at the Africa Tea Convention that was held in Nairobi.


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