Rwanda: Gov't accepts to pay arrears for the National University of Rwanda

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The Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance, Françoise Kayitare Tengera said that Rwanda  Government has accepted to allocate funds to pay the arrears, for the National University of Rwanda.

“The government has taken over the issue and we should be done paying within the next five years,” Shortly after the meeting Tengera  said shortly after meeting the legislators.

The issue of arrears is one of the numerous accounting problems that have dogged the university since it was created five years ago.

Officials said yesterday that many of its accounting flaws are partly due to poor accounting systems inherited from affiliated colleges.

Senators urged the university leadership to stop blaming the merger because they have the responsibility to efficiently manage the new institution.

“You can’t keep on blaming poor management of funds to the merger of institutions. How come a body of intellectuals like the UR can’t do proper accounting?” Senate president Bernard Makuza said.

Senator Chrysologue Karangwa urged the university to create proper systems of accountability.  

“There is lack of a proper accountability system at the university and you need to give us reassurance that this year it will get a clean audit report. We need to be clear on this,” he said.

He also condemned a situation where people offer services to the university and it takes long for them to get paid, advising that once the university pays the arrears compensation for the delays made should also be paid.

“These people were denied their rights and should be compensated for it,” he said.

The AG’s report for 2016/17 highlighted different accounting errors at the university, such as omitted bank accounts from its books of accounts, closed bank accounts that still appeared in the university’s books, missing individual students’ ledger accounts, as well as missing lists of creditors among others.

It also noted issues that affect the quality of students’ education such as the absence of teaching facilities for relocated programmes at different colleges while, on the other hand,  some infrastructure and facilities at the university remained idle as a result of re-organisation of colleges.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs said some of those issues had been fixed since the AG’s report was published.

He promised that the varsity’s leadership was committed to further improve its management.

“We are making good progress in terms of addressing the comments made by the Auditor General,” Ijumba said.

Established in 2013 through the merger of seven public institutions of higher learning, University of Rwanda is the country’s largest state-owned institution of higher learning.


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