Rwanda Private Security companies urged to embrace professionalism

Technology Richard Mugarura 2019-01-18 05:41:28 69 0

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has called on Private security companies to enhance their professionalism and to remain vigilant in their daily duties.

This was part of the message delivered by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in charge of operations, Felix Namuhoranye, to members of the   Rwanda Security Industry Association during the launch of a two-day capacity building workshop for Senior Managers and operations managers of private security firms, on January 17, at Grand Legacy Hotel in Kigali.

The workshop is being facilitated by RNP and seeks to strengthen the capabilities and professionalism of participants in their respective areas with a view to complement the already existing policing capabilities in the country.

CP Namuhoranye said that RNP considers the private security industry as key stakeholders in the protection of people and their property.


“The contemporary challenges faced with law enforcers in protecting people and property are becoming increasingly complex”, he said. 

While pointing out to the need of partnership in security matters, he said that RNP finds it necessary to equip other stakeholders in security with required skills to professionally carry out their tasks.

“Partnership through information sharing is very important in order to detect and prevent any security threats and protect people living in Rwanda and their property,” DIGP Namuhoranye said.

On his part, Andrew Nkurunziza, the chairman of Rwanda Private Security Industry Association (RPSIA) appreciated the Rwanda National Police’s constant support in their daily duties.

He added that such workshops that bring them together are vital as they get the opportunity to share best practices and gain more ideas from each other to offer better quality services to their clients.

Nkurunziza also underscored that timely information sharing is paramount in crime prevention and asked all private security firms should be ready to share timely information with the nearest Police station.

Sebera Kimenyi, the General Manager of KK security, lauded the contribution of private security firms to the existing security in the country.

He reiterated timely collaboration with police, who also conduct regular inspection of their duty stations, a call that keeps guards alert on duty.

Rwanda currently has 17 registered private security companies in the country with close to 20,000 employees. The industry is overseen by Rwanda National Police. 


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